Industrial Harinera FORTIDEX S.A. (Shrimp and fish meal factory)

In the city of Santa Elena, on July 23 of 1.997, is constituted the mercantile anonymous company FORTIDEX S.A. of Ecuadorian nationality and it has its main domicile in the city of Guayaquil.



Fortidex S.A. has more than 15 years on the market and has a wide portfolio of clients that we have been working with in all this time in a satisfactory way, being our principal target  to deliver our products under ideal quality of elaboration. The product is elaborated in an industrial way, fulfilling with the requirements and quality procedure demanded by the current market.



The principal line of the business is the capture or extraction of fish, the same one that serves for the production in our plant, of fishmeal and fish oil which is sold to local clients and abroad. The company will be able to acquire in property or to hire fishing boats, to install industrial plants, to celebrate contracts of association of agreement with the Fishing Law and Fishing Development.



On having found a way of doing an industrial fishmeal, FORTIDEX realizes the need to do it with the shrimp, managing to receive 90 % of shrimp heads from the packing plants in the Guayas province and its dominance market achieved a high growth that at present we possess the 80 % of the production of the Oro province, shrimp capital of the country and second int the world in shrimp production.



We are a company of international level dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of fish meal, shrimp and fish oil, with a strict fulfillment of the national and international regulations, satisfying the most demanding requirements of the clients, with trained personnel and committed to the environment and support to the community, as well as the constant improvement of the processes.



FORTIDEX S.A. is working to position itself as one of the best industries of fish and shrimp meal, being innovators in the production of the best meal and fish oil, making available to our customers a constant development of our products as much technological as services.


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Equipo de Planta de harina de pescado - Posorja.

Fortidex harina de pescado y harina de camaron

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